IT Certification

An online examination is conducted to analyze and evaluate the capability of the candidates knowledge in their domain. In the traditional methodology, exams were conducted based on the pen and paper approach, but in modern methodology, exams are conducted online in an examination center, candidates need to log in using their ID and share their response in MCQs. The scheduled timer runs on the right hand corner which allows the candidates indicating their time limit. It is a streamlined experience from entering to the test center to completion of the exam with results displayed in the system.

Blended Learning

Advantages of Online Examination Test Center

Addressing Environmental Concern: Minimizing the usage of paper which is a natural resource.

Technologically Advanced: Public is getting awareness of the new technology and its utilization. Its enabling the examiners to scale up their process without any glitches and immediate responses are available in some examinations.

Minimizes cost of Labor: Only one examiner can manage upto 50 candidates.

In the interest of time: Time is saved both to the candidates and the examiners.

Limiting Overheads: Printing question sheets, answer sheets, examiners etc are all saved in the online examination

Better security and privacy: The room for conducting malicious activities like cheating and discussing with the friends are decreased.

Flexibility: They can opt their time and location of the test center.

Pearsonvue Test Center

We are partners of Pearsonvue, the worlds largest computer based testing company. They help us to manage computer based test every year for different technological spectrums. They have been in the computer based testing industry since one decade and have partners around 150 countries. Major clients being Adobe, Citrix, CompTIA, Oracle, PeopleCert, Brocade, Juniper, Vmware, Symantec, Linux, IBM, Microsoft. They are widening their partnerships beyond technology.

Kryterion Test Center

Being partner of Kryterion, a constantly expanding the testing network spread around 120 countries with 1100 plus authorized test centers. The major clients being Salesforce, Google Cloud, Certified System administrator and so on.

PSI Test Center

Having an experience of more than 50 years in the industry, PSI has exams for Institutions and professionals. The product of Atlas cloud and also PSI online exams for professionals. Amazon Web services and Adobe are part of PSI exams.