Katmuny Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides Pre- and Post-assessments on the training platforms which is widely sought by corporates as a part of their trainings to measure the efficiency of candidates and delivery standards of tutors.

Assessment is an integral part of training as it determines the training need analysis. Assessments focuses on the opportunities to evaluate themselves, to make judgements about their own performance and improve on correcting their weak points. Assessments can also be used to identify and develop future training programs.

Pre assessment determines the potential of the existing professionals with their past experience as well as current competencies, learning based on projects, and scope of learning avenues.

Post Assessment determines the effectiveness of the training. Analyzes the trainer expertise and experience of delivery. Participants view and reactions to their experience in training which includes learning methodology, instructor capabilities, ambience and environment, and their overall satisfaction of the training.

Our assessment can be customized to client requirements in the following types:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. Descriptive answers
  3. Audio based
  4. Case studies/simulations.
  5. Video Based
  6. 3D Visuals for mechanical
  7. Real Time project based questions

The professionals receive the results in pictorial, explanatory, or graphical which emphasizes the weak points and stimulates the need of retaking the tests.

This also gives them a practice or mock test for their certification exams wherein they can evaluate themselves in a timed stressful method. Results are immediately accessible which can also be shared to their project lead or to HR so that it would help them to evaluate the professional.

The tests are not only IT technical based but also job based interview questions.

The results can be stored and can be retrieved when and where possible. The apps can be accessed through Laptop or mobile so they can take the tests at home or at office depending on their convenient time.

Trend setters in Assessments:

Katmuny Technologies Pvt. Ltd has its manpower venturing and developing the best of online asessments in the following areas to support corporates which will be floated shortly.

  1. Functional Assessments
  2. Behavioral Assessments
  3. Cognitive Ability Assessments
  4. Psychometric Assessments
  5. Employability Skill Test


For any assessments related queries, write to us:, our team would respond to you within 4 hours.